NCF brushes take advantage of the amazing properties of nanotechnology to deliver a touch of excellence in everyday makeup routines as well as professional makeup.

In the question “natural or synthetic fibers?”, nanotechnology brushes provide the most complete answer, blending the pros of the two … competing worlds, into a revolutionary technology that will forever change the way you look at makeup.


  • Matte hair look thanks to a special, secret lining
  • Full density
  • Strong handle
  • Excellent durability that fully covers the increased needs of the makeup professionals
  • Softness
  • 50% faster drying after washing (compared to conventional synthetic fibers)
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Antibacterial properties (non-absorption of germs, non-transmission in repeated use)
  • Can be used both dry and wet
  • Unnecessary absorption of makeup products (consuming only the necessary amount)
  • Perfect cooperation with all makeup products
  • Resistance to washing (many washing cycles)

Acoording to the American Academy of Dermatology, makeup brush can be extremely harmful to the scin as they collect dirt, grease and bacteria from makeup products.

NCF brushes: Clearly, the best!

Their role is to highlight beauty, but there is one factor that should never be underestimated when talking about brushes: the accumulation of dirt

In their majority, conventional makeup brushes, even after washing, are still not completely free of all these irritants. The answer is once again provided by the nanotechnology brushes. Coated with a special water-based antimicrobial technology, they feature a bacteriostatic barrier that keeps bacteria away from both fibers and handles.

Our soap… pure perfection!

Innovation knows no limits! Revolutionary technology is further enhanced by the ideal cleanser: Blery’s special handmade soap is the final outcome of our constant quest to provide a definite solution to the issue of effective cleansing.

Handmade in a Thessaloniki based lab, and approved by the National Organisation of Medicines, this soap is a 100% natural product, intended for use on nanotechnology brushes, based on coconut oil and activated carbon. The latter is known for its ability to absorb thousands of times its weight in heavy metals, toxins and all kinds of harmful substances, ensuring effective and thorough cleaning.