Our Story

Blery Cosmetics is an innovative and complete beauty concept that focuses on the most significant makeup accessory: the brush. A purely Greek brand, which may be counting only a few months of life, but has been born after a long period of intensive research and preparation.

The idea was born when two young persons, Glyka and Zafiris, decided to… mix their passion for makeup and innovation respectively, to create an innovative proposal in the field of beauty shopping.

For Glika, as for any makeup lover, brushes were an integral part of her daily beauty routine. So she came up with the idea to create an e-shop with a complete selection of what she so loved, professional brushes of all types.

Zafiris’ role gave the whole venture a unique twist. Genius in engineering and a lover of innovation himself, he enhanced the world of beauty with the magic effect of nanotechnology (NCF), launching a leading line of nanotechnology (NCF) brushes, combining the benefits of synthetic and natural fibers!

Our values

Today, after a long period of hard work, rigorous testing and methodical research, skillfully blending high quality and essential know-how with constant updating, Blery presents the most comprehensive collection of top professional brush sets. It operates both in retail and wholesale market. It invests in innovation, focuses on quality, creates trends, brings on new ideas. In the highly demanding world of beauty, Blery leaves a very special mark, offering top products at truly competitive prices.

For makeup artists looking for tools to enhance their art. For beauty professors who want the very best of products for their school. For all women out there who feel special and seeking ways to express their charm. For every small and big wish, there is a product that can make the difference.

Find it, at Blery Cosmetics.